rant on machine translations 

Oh for fucks sake with these machine translations!

When doing REAL translation work (that is, no AI involved), one way to find special terminology has always been searching for educated guesses and seeing if they've been used in any authoritative sources.

But that method is nowadays so useless, because every fucking site makes automatic translations of everything, so the search results are flooded with nonsense that's guaranteed to be incorrect.

rant on machine translations 


Years of machine translations yet no real-word use found for this pseudolanguage.

”Kuvaus päärynä Lada”, ”Siili: yksityiskohtainen kuvaus syötävästä sienestä” - statements dreamed up by utterly deranged AIs

Wanted to translate anyway? We hada profession for that: it was called TRANSLATORS.

They've played us for absolute fools!

rant on machine translations 

@Stoori Where machine translations work well, they are a huge timesaver.

I translated almost 30 pages full of tables from German to English within two hours — including layout and fixing the few mistakes the translation did.

It does not avoid needing someone versed in the language to edit the result, but it gives a workable first draft.

(but then, specific words from German to English is pretty easy for a translation system: no grammar, no reading between lines)

rant on machine translations 

@ArneBab I think the decision to use or not use machine translation should be left for translators who have the capacity to see where they bring benefit and where they cause harm. In that sense it's like any other professional tool: know what you do before you do it.


rant on machine translations 

@Stoori That sounds like a good rule of thumb.

Though the time saving is a dangerous incentive if the one who hired you does not know the other language. You might not be able to afford doing the job right if someone else offers it for much less doing a bad but not bad enough job.

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rant on machine translations 

@ArneBab Yeah. That's partly why we have ended up in this situation: the people using machine translation don't know or care that the results are terrible — they don't have to rely on them anyway!

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