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(kann sein, dass es nicht Laschet, sondern Lindner war, der die Grundrechte nicht kennt)

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@thenewoil I like the idea of my toilet checking my health. But when I sit on a toilet, I really, really want it to work only for me.

meckert „ist sie jetzt auch Staatsrechtlerin“, als über Artikel 14 GG spricht. Kennt Laschet nichtmal die ?

Lindner glaubt, unsere Produkte würden von China nicht abgelehnt werden. Wegen Qualität. Ich finde das naiv: Auch China betreibt Geopolitik. — Schlussrunde.

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Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

#NFT #NFTCommunity

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Police already have too much surveillance equipment. While the fight to end this continues, the least we can do is make sure they’re not getting more from the military. @RepPressley's amendment, co-sponsored by @AoC, will do just that. #stop1033

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Excitement about Cory Doctorow's "Someone comes to town, someone leaves town" 

I have just finished listening to Cory Doctorow @pluralistic 's own reading of "Someone comes to town, someone leaves town". Weeell, that's a heck of a novel I should say 😀

What Cory and people usually start with when presenting this book is saying that the main character's father is a mountain and that his mother is a washing machine. If you are going "waat", you should definitely check out the whole thing, as it gets weirder and weirder, and the ending is completely unpredictable, at least to me. So, not only the characters and the plots are weird, but even plot management is.

Do you like Cory's brilliant way of giving simple explanations of tech in the middle of action? You get it. Do you want excellent timing and pace in the development of the plot? That as well. You even get quite a serious reference to changes people's names undergo when they change countries. This book has everything.

One special bonus when listening to Cory reading his own novel is that he gives you some behind-the-scenes as to where this or that motif comes from. That's definitely worth the small trouble of going up this post in the blog history:

Naturally, I have just bought the book from Cory's store , where it is available DRM-free, and where Cory gets a much more reasonable share of the money you pay.

Back to reading Homeland now!
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Wenn die Einäugigen und die Blauhaarigen die stärkste Quelle für Respekt, Vernunft und Versöhnung sind.

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The outrage over #Gitlab proposed policy of keeping employees from China and Russia away from customer data is harmful to the very people Ciresi claims are discriminated against.

When #Indymedia Belarus decided to use Samizdat web engine, I refused to keep admin access to the site and asked allies from countries with civil rights protections to run it, because I knew that otherwise I would one day find myself in a KGB basement. Don't put people living in oppressive regimes in that position.

For18 months I had spurious fails in my random char generator. I had an infinite loop: Can you spot it?

(let ((wo (from-d6matrix-14 wort wort-value wort-last-eye)))
(if (not (> gewicht 80))
(let loop ((wo wo))
(define-values (haut-value haut-last-eye) (d6))
((or (equal? wo "zierlich") (equal? wo "mager"))
(loop (from-d6matrix-14 wort wort-value wort-last-eye)))
(else wo))))))

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Good news for everybody using #tryton #erp: Tryton and (almost) all of its modules are in #guix now! So you now can have a fully reproducible installation of you organization/corporate software.

"Almost all" since I left away one package which's dependencues are to hard to package.

#reproduciblebuilds #odoo #erpnext

Wenn die Einäugigen und die Blauhaarigen die stärkste Quelle für Respekt, Vernunft und Versöhnung sind.

„Mein Profit steht nicht über dem Leben meiner Gäste“: — danke!

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Neofeud is anti-capitalist, anti-racist & anti-imperialist cyberpunk. I'm a Native Hawaiian who made this game while working 40+ hrs in social services / teaching in ghettos, while homeless. Neofeud is my life, in art. Thread 1/?

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As promised, I'm releasing the output resizer I made for OBS to the public. Hope it's helpful for keeping scenes organized and also for not having to fish around for correct integer scales.

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the year is 2025. openai lobbies congress to force websites that publish user-generated content to guarantee content is free of synthetic data (and mark it as such w/metadata in the html). google lobbies for compulsory no-cost licensing of all content published to the web, unless the site owner follows [proprietary standard that costs millions to implement]. facebook pays below poverty wages to thousands of contractors in locked, device-free rooms to type sentences, any sentences as LM fodder

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