In Malas 66 my Clairette found herself in hospital, after a unhealthy encounter with two large spiders during a fighting training sessions for groups.

Renar and Oxiana brought her to hospital. Amelia took care of Claire's wounds. Yridia came to visit her, Renar as well. He also helped making another training session in form of a treasure hunt where he hid items on the game map for the group to find. 😀

15. Bras 66 - It's summer in .

Renar the elven huntsman and my Clairette were talking about food and traps:

21. Siros 66 - The elf Renar tells a story. Dame Lamar and Claire are listening.

15. Siros 66 - Amelia has returned safely. Everything is calm and while the mage make their preparations live in Galmair goes it usual way.

My Claire farming, planing

21. Zhas 66 - early evening, Oxi told Clairette that Amelia has been abducted during in Brimshire.

Sarangerel transformed herself into a beholder and Tialdin showed up as a lizard and played the jester! Even Oxi wore a mask, and dance when Inara asked him.
The speech the Shaman Sarangerel Claire's Mage teacher held for Claire made me, as a player very happy! 😂

All in all, it was a super fun evening for my char, but also for me, too!

24th Tanos 66 - The masked ball!
Claire got her dress just before the ball, though she wouldn't admit it, she was a bit worried and nervous about that.
The party itself was super fun. Cythina, Galmair's Bard, played music, everyone was dressed up in costumes or used transformation potions as disguise.

18. Tanos 66 - Preparations for the masked ball were made.
Now, after all the drama during the dark days of Mas, it's also time to examine the magic artifact my Clairette and her mentor Sarangerel created as her graduation project.

In you rp-games do you play a mage or are you a GM giving mages hints? What's your experience?
I like the illarion GM guided magic a lot, it's like solving puzzels and riddles.


22nd Elos 66 - Stravos's funeral.
Cynthia and Oxi, and two new comers Claire barely knows.

18. Elos 66 - Treasure Hunting in the realms of

Lots of new faces so there were few experienced fighters we had to be careful. Up to now none got injured badly...and some treasures were found! :D

02. Mas 65 - My Clairette keeping guard at the gates with Saran and Oxi.

Mas is a short month in the world of illarion.The forces of evil are strong during these days. Undead rise and attack the towns...
We have lots of players taking part in Mas today! 😃

Later Clairette inspected a yellow coat. It was a coat with the emblem of Galmair left behind by some orcs who demanded gems for the Shaman Sarangerel. A trick to create mistrust between Cadomyr and Galmair?
The inspection showed that it was not magical indeed, that Oxi is generous, Claire surprisingly loyal, dwarves sing badly when drunk, and that Deanna did not want to tell us who poisoned Claire's black coat which was given to said drunk dwarf as a present - unaware that it had been poisoned.

Zeige Konversation

End of Adras - Lady Amanda Brightrim called for an expedition to gather spider parts for an alchemist experiment. An expedition to spider den was planned, Oxi and Claire were among the participants.
The group soon split in two smaller groups - at the gathering point. Someone opened a portal to the Hemp Necktie Inn and others went into it, while the expedition leader was still preparing. It was hilarious and in that manner the expedition continued...

21. Adras 65 - Clairette tested an potion on her pet Rubyn that allows him to understand elven language.

In the end they made music. Rubyn bangging his new spoon at the empty potion bottle and a bucket as drum while Claire playied her harp.

It was somehow cute and fun. Roleplay is a lot like improvisational theater and scenes can evolve very unexpectedly.

The Hemp Necktie Inn was quite a busy place today. Tialdin the dwarf from Galmair came to visit chased by two hungry dinosaur monster, Drathe the rogue from Runewick paied a short visit, apparently to get a new haircut and shave at the Inn's hairdresser NPC. After these two had left Sammy another dwarf, an alchemist from Runewick arrived and handed out some glowing mushrooms. The druid's tree was decorated nicely with these.

Zeige Konversation

17. Adras 65 - Yirdia, Highpriestess of Ushara and Clairette met at the Hemp Necktie Inn. The two were eating apple pie and talking about the recent discoveries on the stone.

Forgot to post about this:
Clairette, her teacher the orcess Sarangerel and the elfess Neia, also a mage of Gqalmair were doing magic.
A screenshot of the GMs message and one of our magic descriptions. I loved the rp! It was so much fun. :D

Basically fighting training is putting the game engine limitations in nice rp words about fighting and adding what I learned from larp fighting lesson to make is sound better. Plus, then going out with others as a group expolring some dungeons to practice. This time we choose the sewers of Galmair, a place where one finds slimes and mummies - foes easy to fight.

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