An image/sketch I drew last week:

Maybe you play a halfling and need an image? Feel free to alter or use this. :D

Boots, Pratchett 

Finally getting around to my to-read list and much put off shoe care has me thinking about the "Captain Samuel Vimes 'Boots' theory of socioeconomic unfairness."
Fair warning now that these aren't particularly original musings.
Reference screenshot attached for those who haven't seen it floating around the internet recently

trying to remember the name of an obscure musical instrument... it's

- made of wood (a woodwind)
- sort of like a bassoon but the body is square instead of round (like a long square tube)
- it plays only overtones (no keys or holes for fingers)
- I think it's from either central or northern europe

does anybody know what I'm talking about?

The elfess Clairette got herself pkd (killed by another player) and ended up in hospital.

I guess that's what happens if you ask on of the bad guys to appologize for calling you 'Miss' instead of 'Lady'.

The screenshot shows, that her friends came to visit her in hospital. 😀
I enjoyed the very much!

The knight that one were an ettin, got very angry at the fairy - but I think it was rather the elf and clairette's doing... The darl elf clairette wished for a fairy to be her pet, and so she tried to save the tiny creature from the monster hiding it in her hat.
The elf, fariy and Claire than ran off to another Nagun temple in a town. Whilte the fighters tried to keep the raging monster ex-knight at bay.

Claire kept guard, while the elf and fairy went to sleep.

Yesterday Clairette went to a fun event at the themple of Nargun in a forest. Nagun is the god of chaos in . He's not really evil, for example pay to him. At the temple a fairy encouraged people to play dice with her.

Clairette won a few coins, and learned that an elf had helped her by somehow manipulating the game. Atleast she belived him to have done so, also they played a game about sharing secrets.

Than a knight rolled bad and turned into a fairy, than an ettin.

body hair, silly 

Shaving is annoying but at least the regular exposure to the razor will slowly build up my immunity to blades, eventually making me entirely swordproof.

We have an christmas calender.
Each evening the GMs are holding a quest fort the players! :D

Today is story time ar the temple of Five:

Claire went to Cadomyr - the desert ream for trading magical gems.
Here's a screenshot of people talking and traiding.

Clairette set out at night, that's best time for dark elfs - to explore a bit of the realm in .

Sometimes one is happy to have a gate keeping monsters away.
Clairette ist nachts losgezogen um die Gegend von Cadomyr zu erkunden. Nachts ist die beste Zeit wo Dunkelelfen zu solchen Erkundungen aufbrechen.

Manchmal ist man einfach froh, wenn man ein Tor vor der Nase hat, dass Monster fernhält.

Das #pentaradio24 – Damit man nicht nur 駅 versteht: Über das Lernen von Sprachen mit Fokus auf Japanisch und Chinesisch

Man kann ja irgendwie auch froh sein, dass das nicht der Titel des Spiels geworden ist: Humanoide & Irgendwo

Zeige Konversation

At the moment Clairette istaking part in fighting training that is held at the prison mines. It's an event organized by other players .
Clairette nimmt grade am Kampftraining in der Gefängnismiene teil. Das Event wurde von Spielern für Spieler organisiert.


Today for the first time Clairette got magical gems. These gems are awarded by the town leader to their citizens each ingame month.
You can collect ot trade these gems and use them to upgrade your weapons.
I added a screenshot:
Heute hat Clairette zum ersten Mal magische Edelsteine erhalten. Diese Steine werden von den Anführern der Städte an die Bürger gegeben. Man kann diese Edelsteine sammeln, tauschen oder seine Waffen damit verbessern.


Hallo, Ich bin hier! :)
Ich werde diesen Account nutzten um über die Abenteuer meiners Chars in zu schreiben.
Ich rede auch gerne übers pen&paper, character erfinden und plotten.
Hello, I'm . :)
I'll use this account to write about my char's advetures in the game .
I also love to talk about &paper, making up and .

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