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I miss the way IM notifications used to work on the desktop tbh. The notification area did get crowded, but I miss the workflow of noticing that there's a message waiting for me, clicking the icon, and it hopping me right to the convo of interest in Pidgin.

It's the thing I've missed most since Gnome 3. It was a rough edge that I always felt like would be realized would be needed back but that never happened. Extensions to restore it never worked right imo...

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Having all my conversations collapse into Pidgin was just really wonderful. Nowadays I have about 50 different places to check for messages, and none of them feel as good...

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Privacy activist Kevin Michael Gallagher aka ageis died about 2 days ago.

I usually don't talk about individuals deaths on here and didn't have any sort of relationship with him.

Nevertheless, I haven't seen anyone on here mention his death and I think it should be known that someone who dedicated much of their life to fighting the dystopia we've watched taking shape over the last 20 years has died.

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An amazing bundle of 852 DRM free games – including 247 Linux games – 24 books, 5 comics …

All for 5 USD!

And all the money goes to Palestinian aid!

What an unbelievable deal. Go get it. Less than 10 hours left:

#LinuxGaming #LinuxGames #GamesBundle #Palestine

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#BigBrotherAward für Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. h. c. Julian #Nida-Rümelin

Redlich verdient für die unhaltbare Behauptung des unbelehrbaren „Denkers“, der #Datenschutz sei in der #Pandemie für zahllose Todesfälle verantwortlich


@emacsen You’re moving a lot and pushing cool things forward while others waste time in idle chat — no need to feel bad.


Not even if you do decide to spend time in idle chat.

Bugs happen. And some persist until one finds the mind for fixing them.

That’s OK.

We as humans aren’t strongest, when we’re all the same grey mass, but when we manage to combine our strengths and compensate each others weaknesses.

Take care of yourself.

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@imani makes a powerful analogy: Corporations behave (are *constructed deliberately* to behave) as callous, self-maximising, humanity-indifferent artificial intelligence.

From @pluralistic in 2015,

“Corporations run on a form of code – financial regulation and accounting practices – and the modern version of this code literally prohibits corporations from treating human beings with empathy.”

As Imani points out, we as a society choose what code those corporations run.

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I’m currently having a really rough time searching for work. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a proper income, and I only have $150 total.

If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

My patreon:

One-time payments on PayPal:

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Twitter folks, notice the RT @someone@some.domain bits at the top of my forwarded boosts from the fediverse? See how the domains are all different? That’s because there are 1000s of Twitters out there (but only one is owned and controlled by Jack).

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The brilliant article of @aral Balkan about #Twitter (and more generally #SurveillanceCapitalism) « Hell Site » has now a french traduction thanks to @Framasoft, « Va te faire foutre, Twitter ! »
/> Original :
/> Translation :

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It's either a denial, or Hancock is clueless. Why not both? Either way I don't think most people want their data in the hands of Palantir, or the People who were with Cambridge Analytica. That's before you get to what Palantir's secondary market is: the Insurance Industry.....
RT @Haggis_UK
Dawn Butler - You say people are very enthusiastic to give away their NHS data... are you aware that Palantir & Faculty have links to the disc…

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“Many internet users mistake this annoying situation as a direct outcome of the GDPR, when in fact companies misuse designs in violation of the law. The GDPR demands a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, as reasonable people would expect, but companies often have the power over the design and narrative when implementing the GDPR.”

Missed this a couple of weeks ago, and it could make a huge difference to our browsing experiences (and compel sites to do better!)

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“As a fast radio burst travels through space, it gets distorted by the plasma and gas of the cosmos.

‘We can measure this distortion very, very precisely,’ Masui says. ‘So for every one of these bursts, we know exactly how much matter it passed through.’

‘It carries a record within it of the structure of the universe that it has traveled through on its way to get from the source to us,’ he adds.”

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In a fascinating blog post, Cook enumerates all of the FLICC subtechniques, describing their relationship to the Big Five FLICC tactics, along with great, vector-based icons licensed CC BY-SA.

Here's the full taxonomy:


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S. Schulze von der will heute ab 17:35 mit der aushebeln: Bitte gebt es weiter! Das eilt!

„Funktionsvorbehalt der Exekutive“ bedeutet: Das Amt hat immer Recht, Gerichte werden entmachtet, Einsicht in Prüfungsunterlagen beschränkt.

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