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Best of luck to Epic in their bullshit process.
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lol for one of my #opensource projects, an #infosec employee at @EpicGames emailed me this questionnaire with over 100 questions and wants me to fill it out so *they* can use my freely available open source software.


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@offby1 ahaha, I have seen these after Log4shell stuff hit, billion dollar companies sending "security questionnaires" to FLOSS projects they rely on (read: exploit) in their products.

The correct response to this is, of course, either "fsck right off" or "filling this out will take me X hours, my rate for this is $YYYY, whom should I invoice?"


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@rysiek @offby1 “Filling this in correctly is a lot of skilled work that no one but me is qualified to do. If you want me to do it, send me a contract and I will bill you for my time like the top database expert at Oracle would.” (and then retire)

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