*throws hands up in the air* Thread on new proposed policy 🤬 with the theme of "let's force you to use ID verification for everything including if you want to publish a website". 😡🤬🤯. Who the heck are these people? How can they think this is a good thing?
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The “digital policy alliance” says that you shouldn’t have a website or blog, email, IRC, iMessage, or other means of sharing information without verifying you…


@onepict roughly, yes, but the page simplifies it too much.

If you are a commercial entity, you need *more* information in the impressum, but every private website that does not target purely the authors family and close friends already needs an Impressum with street address, name and contact.

Not having one can become expensive, because there are lawyers who specialize in finding pages without Impressum and suing them.

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Oh wow, thanks for explaining this. I'd never heard of it.

@onepict @ArneBab For years, I put up a comment stating that all the required information is already in WHOIS. Which is what WHOIS is for.

It's a pretty brain-dead policy.

@jens @onepict I’m pretty sure that I’d lose in court with that argument :-(

Also whois is nowadays just a pseudo-placeholder.

I think the reason is similar as for flyers. If you print and spread flyers, you must state who is responsible by press laws (Verantwortlicher im Sinne des Presserechts).

Even if you expose lies of the head of university.

@ArneBab @onepict oh, sure, I understand the problem. And yes, WHOIS is a bit of a shambles these days. But it would have been easier to require accurate and complete information in WHOIS than an imprint page. Ah, well.

@jens @onepict yes … sadly it didn’t get better when the politicians learned more about the web. Rather the opposite : Now we get Article 17.

Because news-propagators cutting out articles someone wants to publish is totally not censorship …

@jens @onepict The German Journalist union who fought in favor of this law becomes eerily silent when confronted with that …


@ArneBab @jens @onepict ich glaube du brauchst entweder einen blauen ✅, oder zehn bis hundert mal mehr follower, damit du solche Fragen beantwortet bekommst

@meena @jens @onepict Oder ich muss genügend Leute finden, die mitfordern.

@ArneBab @jens @onepict

This is similar to a law we do still have in Britain for political pamphlets and newspapers, for some reason Germany extends this to any private website - some of my German mutuals have hinted it does have a chilling effect on what they are prepared to publish under their own name and some have had formal legal complaints (particularly from political conservatives) for content they have published on their personal sites..

@vfrmedia @jens @onepict Yes, it does have a chilling effect. You always know that some thug could take offense and know where you live.

That’s why many journalists only write for newspapers and in social networks: both shield their address. Just having a personal website exposes it.

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