I know a number of folks on the Fediverse have depression or other mental struggles.

What about something like a reverse tamagotchi that does things like remind you to take your medication and remind you of how great you are. In order to keep it healthy and grow, you need to acknowledge it and do what it asks.

Is this a crazy idea?


@emacsen No, but you’ll want serious consultation with social scientists when realizing this to make sure you do not accidentally create the opposite effect.

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I was thinking this might be something people would create for themselves, and choose to use.

I know different people are motivated in different ways.

@emacsen doing this right could be pretty hard. I think it is a good idea, but even building a framework for this needs to take into account how to help people create things whose real effects fit their intentions.

This could be a starting point to find people with experience: sachachua.com/blog/category/qu

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