Hi #fediverse

Wanna brainstorm some what-ifs?

Federated Moderation: What if Moderation was an #activitypub extension and moderation actions would federate to ease the life of mods + admins?

Delegated Moderation: What if moderators weren't bound to instances, and could just jump in on another instance to help do the work?

Moderation-as-a-Service: What if mods provided their services via federated @activitypub models, gained trust and reputation based on your feedback?


@humanetech I think moderation is a very bad idea overall. Control in users' hands is a good idea tho. If some posts are "bad", they are so for some people and not for others. Users already have the ability to ignore/block such users/content. The only issue is that instance admins (like me) may be faced with this bad content on their instance. And the solution to that, I'd say, is to perhaps hide content from local and global feed, but do not ban/block users or content generally. If others want to see that bad content via a direct discovery process like search or a link and such, they should.

Moderation quickly transforms into censorship. Instance admins should not decide for the rest of the users on their instance, what is a good or a bad content to see.

@tio @humanetech @activitypub The challenge with moderation is that disrupting communication often scales better than individual blocking.

In the Freenet project (where centralized moderation simply is no option) the answer was to propagate blocking between users in a transparent way. That way blocking disrupters scales better than disrupting. For more info see: draketo.de/english/freenet/fri

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@ArneBab @tio @activitypub

Yes, this is interesting, and I think it matches the first part of the the Lemmy post about Federating Moderation.

This allows people to get insight in metrics surrounding moderation action, while you can still have each and every fedizen to make their own individual decision whether or not to take action themselves.

@humanetech @tio @activitypub (the prototype implementation at the end is built in a way that would be suitable for federation, because it can work with a shared database that only has different entry points to get your personal view of the trust-graph. It is far from finished, though)

@ArneBab @tio @activitypub

Are you on Lemmy, or SocialHub? Would be great to collect the info there, in more forum-like conversation threads.

@ArneBab @tio @activitypub

In the #FediverseFutures initiative I am aiming for more creative brainstorming processes to be unleashed and collected for anyone to jump in on, if it has their passion.

I am not able time-wise to follow-up on all of the topics I start, nor having concrete implementation plans on them (though sometimes I do).

The Lemmy and SocialHub spaces serve as idea archives in that way. Stuff waiting to be elaborated further.

@humanetech @tio @activitypub I’m not there, no. Feel free to copy over my posts here. I hope they help people tackle these issues, because global-scale moderation without centralized control is one of the huge tasks ahead of us — a task that was mostly ignored in the Clearnet (there were underpaid moderators to burn out after all) but tackled within the Freenet Project more than a decade ago.

If people have questions about the math for scaling, it would be great if you could point them to me.

@ArneBab @tio @activitypub

You should have a look at the SocialHub topic. It contains two links to other topics where researchers - one being @robertwgehl - announce they are investigating Moderation in decentralized (fedi) contexts.

Your input may be invaluable to them. Here's the #SocialHub link:


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