I have zero interest in #RPGs tied to IPs from other media. I love the Blade Runner-movies and PKD and many more, but I don't want to play Deckard, Luke, Bond, Indiana Jones or whoever.


@gunnar Interesting, I have e. g. absolutely zilch interest in dungeon / hex crawling homebrew ripoffs, nowadays labeled . Been there, done that, got the shirt… Tastes differ.

The worked pretty well (for us).

Don’t know how well will work, we will see. Sadly, there is no English / German translation of the French .

Great unique games like etc. don’t get enough attention…

Anyway, enjoy.

@AetherEgo Alien is prob the one exception I will allow myself. Only because it seems so easily gamified. But, then again, I would rather be in a Mothership-game doing mostly the same things.

@gunnar in –like , IPs filled off?!
Honestly, I think is a great alternative / option.

In my opinion, the success of is deserved!

Licensed games die far too easily, in my experience. I like the movies a lot….
The system worked for us quite well. Don’t want to run it as campaign. The material is pretty neat.

appears to be more wild and creative….

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